Wireless Network Guide: Go Wireless


Connecting to a wireless network is easy! With a few simple steps, you can get your PC to connect and surf the web. Before you go and connect to a

Preinstalled Software Removal for New PCs

If you have a new PC and you did not build it from scratch, chances are you might have a lot of pre-installed software that you might want to get

Power up Your Gaming PC

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspect of building a PC is the power supply unit or the PSU. Since most computer casing comes with a stock PSU, most PC

Computer Recycling & Displosal Tips

In this day and age, the evolution of technology is pretty fast and most of our computers, specifically our desktops are rarely utilized or simply need an upgrade. A big

Right Printer for your Printing Needs

When out to shop for a new printer, there is always a chance that you buy something that might not fit your exact need. Arguably, the printer is one of

Can I use 1155 or 1156 fan on a Socket 1151 socket?

With the release of the Intel 6th Generation Skylake Processors, will come in a new slew of new fans. The 1155 and 1156 fans are compatible with the 1151 socket.

Choose the Right Anti-virus Software for your PC

With the world becoming increasingly connected to the internet, the threat to one’s PC is has also increased. Not only is the threat imminent to huge corporations and institutions, the

Computer Backup and Recovery Why? and How?

When talking about backing up a hard drive and data recovery methods, the first thing that pops into mind for most are companies or businesses with servers. Although this it

Features of Windows 8

The upcoming version for Microsoft Windows which is codenamed Windows 8 has been setup to revolutionize your personal computing experience. Almost everything in the new OS has been reworked or

Hard Drives: Solid State vs Mechanical Drives

There have been a lot of innovations and revolutions that have happened since the invention of the computer, from keyboards to touchscreens and from floppy disks to optical disks and