What is AMD’s HyperTransport Technology?

What is HyperTransport Technology? HyperTransport (HT), formerly known as Lightning Data Transport (LDT), is a bidirectional serial/parallel high-bandwidth, low-latency computer bus that was introduced on April 2, 2001 [1]. The

Power supply brand & reliability

Brand & Reliability Nobody wants a power supply that will die in a few months so it is important to know and understand the history of the manufacturer you select.

What can cause damage to a power supply

What Can Damage A Power Supply? The number one killer of power supplies is damage due to overheating and/or being overdrawn. Usually this can happen if the cooling device /

What is MDI

MDI, or Medium Dependent Interface, is commonly referred to as an Uplink port on networking devices. An MDI port allows two different network hubs/switches to connect to each other using

What is a U-DIMM

The acronym UDIMM stands for Unregistered Dual In-Line Memory Module. U-DIMM (also called Non-ECC, Unregistered) sticks don’t have an additional error checking function and, as a result, are generally a

What is IDE technology

What is IDE and how do IDE drives work? The Integrated Drive Electronics Interface, or IDE Interface, is the most widely used interface for connecting storage devices such as Hard

What is the difference DVD+R and DVD-R

DVD+R and DVD-R are two incompatible formats that define differing writing procedures for slightly different media types. It is important to realize that if you purchase a DVD-R writer you

What does speed on a DVD Burner Mean

A DVDRW speed rating is typically shown in the format of DVD Write Speed x. The X values are representative of multiples of 1.32 MB/s. For example, a 16 x

How to limit claims and chargebacks if you’re a merchant

Source: Amazon In order to share some best practices around limiting claim losses and protecting your shipments, it is encouraged to require signatures from your carriers on deliveries for orders


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