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USB Gadgets and Why You Need Them in Your Life


Where would computers be today without the ever present universal serial bus? Thanks to Ajay Bahatt, the Intel engineer who invented the specification, we now have USB devices and gadgets

XBox Kinect: It’s not Just for Dancing Anymore!

When the XBox Kinect hit the market last November, the web was inundated with a wave of cute little girls scratching tiger-ears, dancing twenty-somethings, and other well-polished marketing material. The

Five PC Games you Should be Playing

Video game development is a tough business. The games cost millions to develop, produce, market, and distribute, and then, in most cases, really only get a couple months of solid

Has USB finally Met its Match? Meet Thunderbolt!

Tech aficionados may have heard a thing or two about Intel’s “Light Peak” over the last couple of years. It was an all-powerful new I/O interface meant as an all-in-one

The Coffee Pot Webcam

What was the first picture a webcam ever took? Someone’s foot, you may assume, as the technician fumbled to get the cam to power up. But, no. It was the

Is my Power Supply really dead?

So you’re not getting any video and your fans aren’t spinning on? More than likely, there is an issue with your power supply. There are a couple of ways to

ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI – Brothers of a Different Mother(board)

High-end gaming rigs can get pretty crazy. Expensive, shiny cases with glowing liquid cooling tubes, after-market CPU coolers the size of lawnmower engines, more effects lighting than a Honda Accord

USB 3.0: New Speed for You and Me

The ubiquitous USB: the plug-and-play connection we have become accustomed for adding devices without any need for computer prowess or tools is a wonderful technology. And, it is getting better

Bulldozing the Sandy Bridge – The State of AMD vs. Intel

It only takes a minute shopping for a computer to confirm that the battle between tech-titans AMD and Intel is still alive and well. The war these two companies are

Five Things your Computer Won’t be in Ten Years

I read Popular Science Magazine. My wife got me a subscription for it a couple of years ago for my birthday, and ever since, its arrival, has been one of