Monthly Archives: February 2011

USB Gadgets and Why You Need Them in Your Life


Where would computers be today without the ever present universal serial bus? Thanks to Ajay Bahatt, the Intel engineer who invented the specification, we now have USB devices and gadgets that are self-powered and plug-and-play. Some of these unique little electronic anomalies are useful and some are just down right amusing. If you have ever […]

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XBox Kinect: It’s not Just for Dancing Anymore!

When the XBox Kinect hit the market last November, the web was inundated with a wave of cute little girls scratching tiger-ears, dancing twenty-somethings, and other well-polished marketing material. The hype was met with modestly successful sales numbers, and quite a few of the devices found their way into homes. In spite of the sales […]

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Five PC Games you Should be Playing

Video game development is a tough business. The games cost millions to develop, produce, market, and distribute, and then, in most cases, really only get a couple months of solid sales ’till their product gets thrown in the discount rack—not to mention pirated off the internet! Because of this, video game developers are too often […]

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Has USB finally Met its Match? Meet Thunderbolt!

Tech aficionados may have heard a thing or two about Intel’s “Light Peak” over the last couple of years. It was an all-powerful new I/O interface meant as an all-in-one replacement for several of the data connections currently popular in computers—though it hasn’t received much media attention while in development. That changed today when Intel […]

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