How to Install a Power Supply


For a newbie computer user faced with a technical repair issue, installing a power supply can be a nail-biting process (kind of like first day of school). What makes it even scarier is the prospect of facing and eventually battling it out with all the evil wires and numerous crazy connectors inside the computer case. The good news is, everyone including you, can do it without a hitch. All you need is a little step-by-step guidance to make you an expert in no time.

Of course, before you do anything with the computer, make sure to turn off the machine. Better yet, unplug the whole thing from the electrical outlet or any power source or else you’ll be in for a very electrifying experience. Seriously, don’t touch anything unless you’re 100% sure the computer is electric shock-free. Safety first, last and always. Once you’ve taken all safety precautions then you can proceed to opening the case or the outer layer of your computer case.

Difficulty Level:

Weapons of War: 1 screwdriver, 1 brand new power supply, prayers (just kidding!)

Now that you’re all set, take a deep breath then exhale. Ready? Let’s get cracking.


This may seem like rocket science but in reality it’s pretty simple. Okay, we’re lying, because it is a bit tricky. For some brand of computers, all you need to do is remove all the screws from the sides of the panels then lift off. Others may require you to first remove the front before removing the sides and for some lucky people, your computer may be the easy kind where all you have to do is snap the panels in and out of place. Either way, after conquering the first stage you have to take note of one important thing before moving on: screws. Make sure all of them are accounted for. You don’t want to end up on your hands and knees looking for all the missing screws. Set them aside so you can put them back later.

Also, other experts suggest that you wear an anti-static bracelet to prevent static build up from traveling to the sensitive computer components that are housed inside the case. This is optional. Just keep touching the metal frame of the computer case and everything will be alright.


Welcome to the belly of the beast. If you are faced with an interior full of dust and cobwebs, you might want to clean it up before doing anything else. Now that everything is fresh and clean, proceed with step 2. First you have to remove the mounting screws that hold the old power supply in place. Usually, there are four mounting screws. Once they’re off, make sure to set them aside carefully to avoid missing screws. You can also make a diagram to remember where everything goes.
Take note that removing the screws will not completely free the power supply from its housing because it will still be connected to the motherboard, drives, fans and other stuff. If you’re brave enough then go right ahead and disconnect all the connectors and carefully pull out the old power supply. Another option is to just keep the old power supply still connected but out of the way so that it’s easier to spot which wire goes where. So, are you having fun yet?


Assuming that you’ve bought the right kind of power supply that is compatible with your unit, installing a new power supply is basically the exact opposite of removing it. If you took the longer road and disconnected the old power supply completely, just slide in the new power supply in the same location with the fan facing out. Make sure that you secure all the screws in place and connect the power supply to the motherboard, all of the drives and extra fans (if you have any). Figuring out where each connector goes is sure to be pretty simple especially if you are using the same brand power supply.

If you choose the smooth road with the old power supply still connected, just go ahead and screw the new power supply to the casing and replace the old power supply’s connectors one by one. Experts recommend this method because you can keep track of where everything goes and have all the wires in the proper place. If the connectors are a little hard to attach, don’t be afraid to exert a little force. Just shove them in until you hear a snap, Although if it’s a louder, cracking sound then something is wrong so don’t push too hard. Once everything is in place, the power supply mounted and connected, feel free to tie up the wires together so they don’t get all jumbled up. Voila!


After replacing the case and putting all the screws back properly to seal the unit, you can now plug in the computer to a power source. Turn it on to check if everything is running perfectly.


Congratulations! Now you know how to install a power supply in your computer. You are now entering the realm of Techie Savvy. The next thing you know, you’ll be dismantling and replacing computer parts like a pro.

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