Monthly Archives: April 2011

6 Pieces of Over-the-Top PC Gaming Gear


You’ve seen him, the dude that’s spent more dough tricking-out their car than they did buying it in the first place. Spoilers, ground effects, crazy paint jobs . . . basically anything from any of the Fast and the Furious movies, yeah? But when a PC Gamer wants to set himself apart from the pack […]

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ALL COMPUTERS GO TO HEAVEN: The Truth About Recycling Old Computer Parts

Okay, I lied. Heaven isn’t the final destination for most PCs. Computers usually end up in landfill hell and all the data erased forever, especially if the previous owners don’t know any better. Let’s face it, new gadgets and components come out practically every month. Electronic devices now have a shorter lifespan and become obsolete […]

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My Three Favorite Cheap Computer Cases

Cheap computer cases are easy to come by; there are plenty available for fifty dollars or less. It can be difficult though, finding a PC case that is both cheap and worth your money. Many low-priced cases suffer from poor construction, easily breakable front bezels, awful cooling, and other deal-breaking features. Today I’ll review my […]

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The Idiot’s Guide to Screen Resolution

Last week, while writing “Everything you Need to Know about Choosing a Monitor” I tried and failed to properly explain monitor/screen resolution in a single paragraph. While this subject may seem trite to the technophile, the uninitiated are left alone to navigate numbers and ratios that can be hard to understand, let alone find use […]

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