My Three Favorite Cheap Computer Cases


Cheap computer cases are easy to come by; there are plenty available for fifty dollars or less. It can be difficult though, finding a PC case that is both cheap and worth your money. Many low-priced cases suffer from poor construction, easily breakable front bezels, awful cooling, and other deal-breaking features. Today I’ll review my three favorite cheap computer cases ($50 or less).

aKia T6023

The aKia T6023 is first on my list because it’s insanely cheap, only $25.87 in a category where many manufacturers begin at more than twice that. It’s built for a full-sized system, compatible with both ATX and mATX motherboards, and comes with all the basic features a system builder needs.

The Outside

The outside of this cheap PC case is covered in classy black aluminum, which minimizes the weight of the case while maximizing the chassis’ ability to serve and protect! My favorite part is the front bezel, which is a glossy black with a cherry red accent that looks really nice.

The Inside

The T6023 is an ATX mid-tower case, meaning it’s capable of supporting a full-sized ATX board but isn’t as massive as a full-tower chassis. This cheap computer case offers ten total drive bays six internal and four external, including the sometimes hard to find 3.5” external floppy drive bay. It supports both intake and exhaust cooling fans, and also has perforations in the front that allow air to flow through the front bezel to cool the data drives.

Apex TX Series TX-381-C

This cheap computer case is really top-notch; I like the construction, the design, and even the handle! My favorite part is, of course, the low price, only $40, which saves you plenty of money for other, more exciting PC components.

The Outside

A key feature of the Apex TX-381-C is its steel exterior. Most cases use lower grade aluminum which dents and scratches really easily. This case on the other hand, is built from sturdier material that will stay looking new for a long time! It’s designed to be transported as well, which is cool. The handle on the top makes the case a great LAN party companion, if you’re cool enough to get invited to a LAN party anyway . . .

The Inside

Inside, the TX-381-C can get a little bit cramped. It’s designed hold mATX motherboards only, so it’s not a good choice if you’re looking for every feature or the biggest video cards. It follows cheap case logic, drawing cool air through side panel perforations and firing it out the back through a 90mm exhaust fan port. As far as drive bays go, you may have to forgo your 5.25” drive bay toaster, since the TX-381-C only has two ports, however you’ll still be able to fit what needs fitting, including up to four 3.5” data drives which is nice.

Logisys CS308RD

The last on my list pushes right up to the $50 mark I was shooting for, but it’s really a very good case. The Logisys CS308RD is a fantastic cheap computer case since it really works to employee the hallmarks of more expensive cases, LED lighting, slick looks, etc. into an affordable package!

The Outside

Once sacrifice cheap case enthusiast always seem to be making is on looks, cheap cases typically suffer from a cheap appearance, not so here. The CS308RD features a great looking fire engine red front bezel, which makes the case look much most costly than it really is. It comes with a cool-looking blue LED fan installed to bathe your PC’s interior in a nice looking glow and also has a clear side panel window so you can see inside!

The Inside

It’s really tough to find a cheap computer case that comes with a power supply, but Logisys put one into the CS308RD. The PSU is 480-watts, which will be plenty for most systems, and saves you another purchase, possibly making this the best value case on this list! It’s spacious enough to fit just about PC component, full ATX motherboards, dual video cards, and whatever else you need!

While these aren’t the only cases available for $50 or less, they are my favorites! Check out OutletPC’s full selection of cheap computer cases right here. If you’d like to learn more about how to choose a computer case, cheap or otherwise, read “The Idiot’s Guide to PC Case Choosery.”

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