Quick Tips for a Virus Free Computer


or “How do I prevent my computer from getting a virus”

The internet is filled to the brim with all sorts of wonderful things; Wikipedia, Pandora, and the Cheeseburger Network are only the tip of the iceberg! Unfortunately, the only thing easier to find on the web than awesome, is a virus. No living soul who can claim an IP address is free from nasty malware attacks, and getting rid of them can be a major pain. So whether you’re among the disgruntled masses who have suffered from a computer virus, or the soon-to-be-disgruntled masses of those who haven’t run their anti-virus software yet, here are three easy ways to keep your PC malware free:

  1. Get yourself some anti-virus – Though many folks would disagree, Windows knows what it’s talking about. That little pop-up you’ve been ignoring to update your anti-virus protection is actually pretty important. I’m sure a lot of folks would pay attention to that little bubble if they knew that they didn’t have to pay for decent anti-virus. Windows Security Essentials is absolutely free and is just as good as anything you might pay for.
  2. Beware the App – While anti-virus programs are essential, they can only do so much. Apps from social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace are often full of spyware and viruses that even the best anti-virus programs won’t catch. Remember that any time you click “allow”, you’re giving a stranger free access to your computer. If it’s a trusted app, used by everyone and their dog it’s probably fine. If it’s Latin Libido Games, maybe you should refrain.
  3. Don’t Use Internet Explorer – While Internet Explorer is far-and-away the most popular web-browser, it’s definitely not the best. Older versions of IE allowed the unfiltered use of a certain type of scripting called ActiveX. This oversight allows programmers of malicious software a very easy route into your system. More trustworthy browsers like Chrome or FireFox offer much better protection against internet infection.
  4. Stay out of the Fire – Obviously, the best way stay virus free is to unplug your Ethernet cable and adios the internet all-together. But since that’s not much of a solution, you can compromise by limiting your web usage to reputable sites. If you want your PC to stay clean, don’t take it anywhere you wouldn’t go in real life. This includes sketchy sources like sites offering illegal downloads, shady forums, certain porn sites, and spamy emails.

In the end, not getting a virus is more about what you don’t do than what precautions you take. A rain coat and an umbrella will keep the rain off, but it won’t help you if you go jumping in the lake! Keep to the web’s better trodden paths and make sure your anti-virus is up to date, you’ll be fine.

If you’ve done your best and still come away with a computer virus, take it to a licensed repair technician. If you happen to live in Las Vegas, we’ve got a shnazy PC repair department ready and waiting to fix up your pallid PC! Visit our repair site here

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