Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

Apple Acquires iCloud.com for US$4.5 Million


Apple may have taken a big step toward the impending launch of its cloud-based music service today. The California-based company is rumored to have put 4.5 million bucks on the table to purchase the URL icloud.com, from Xcerion. Xcerion had been using the domain as a home for its own cloud based storage service but, […]

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ALL COMPUTERS GO TO HEAVEN: The Truth About Recycling Old Computer Parts

Okay, I lied. Heaven isn’t the final destination for most PCs. Computers usually end up in landfill hell and all the data erased forever, especially if the previous owners don’t know any better. Let’s face it, new gadgets and components come out practically every month. Electronic devices now have a shorter lifespan and become obsolete […]

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