ALL COMPUTERS GO TO HEAVEN: The Truth About Recycling Old Computer Parts


Okay, I lied. Heaven isn’t the final destination for most PCs. Computers usually end up in landfill hell and all the data erased forever, especially if the previous owners don’t know any better. Let’s face it, new gadgets and components come out practically every month. Electronic devices now have a shorter lifespan and become obsolete before you can say CPU.

The good news is, your old computer parts can actually be recycled and reused. This will make the environment and rabid environmentalists very, very happy. Also, the data in your hard drive can be extracted, saved and destroyed forever so you don’t have to worry about personal files getting in the wrong hands. It’s not enough to just disassemble your computer. You should never, ever, ever forget to make sure that all your data on the hard drive is erased. Identity theft and fraud is quickly becoming one of the most popular crimes in the United States. You’ll be surprised how many people leave credit card information, contact details, bank account details, and passwords on their hard drives. So unless you want the stress of people hacking into your life plus the soul-crushing guilt of contributing to environmental pollution, make sure you do the recycle.

The question is what and how? Disposal is definitely NOT the answer. Computers and other electronic parts contain toxic materials. They need to be properly handled by a responsible recycling company instead of being tossed straight to the trash.

Which computer parts can be recycled? Just about everything including the Motherboard, PCI Cards, Video Card, Sound Card, Power Supply and the most valuable component, the RAM. You can recycle the carcass of your computer in a way that is environmentally safe by visiting a recycling facility.

OutletPC and most other big name PC retailers usually offer services such as recycling obsolete computers, monitors and other hardware and electronic equipment, so knocking on their door is a good way to go. Be sure to clear off your hard drive before handing it off to a stranger though!

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