6 Pieces of Over-the-Top PC Gaming Gear


You’ve seen him, the dude that’s spent more dough tricking-out their car than they did buying it in the first place. Spoilers, ground effects, crazy paint jobs . . . basically anything from any of the Fast and the Furious movies, yeah? But when a PC Gamer wants to set himself apart from the pack like one Mr. Brian O’Conner, what gear would he nab? Well here’s a list of over-the-top bits of PC gaming gear that set apart the hardest of the hard-core:

The Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler

Since we started off the post with cars, let’s start with the bit of geektastic gaming gear that tries to turn your PC into a car! The Cooler Master V10 is a CPU cooler/heatsink designed for those who dream of driving their PC to work. Not only does this baby rock two heatsinks for the CPU, it’s also got another fin array and fan that cools your RAM. Installing this baby is a job for the bravest of the brave; the kid weighs in at more than two-and-a-half pounds and requires a pretty massive case before it will even pretend to fit.

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series RAM

G.Skill is known for nothing if not their ability to create over-the-top RAM heat spreaders. Among their offering of crazy looking desktop memory however, the Ripjaws X series reigns supreme. It’s marketed, of course, towards high-end gamers who are apparently keen on paying more than they need to for RAM. Personally, I think it’s popular because it reminds its users of a Klingon Bat’leth.

Thermaltake Level 10

Next is the PC case that defines over-the-top. First of all, this baby weighs in at 52 pounds; it’s hard to tell just from a picture, but this kid is massive! It’s constructed entirely out of aluminum (none of that silly plastic lesser cases use), and was actually co-developed by BMW! Now, none of this gear is cheap of course, but this one is far and away the most expensive on this list, with price tags as high as $850 through some retailers.

Asus Sabertooth P67 Rev. 3.0

When gaming-gear manufacturers aren’t trying to make their products look like car parts, they’re trying to make them look like weapons. This Asus motherboard boasts, ahem, “Thermal Armor,” and assures users that all the components are military standard.

I guess I can appreciate this kind of marketing; most guys dig on blowing stuff up, so a motherboard that could stop a bullet actually sounds pretty cool. It just makes me wonder, why isn’t anyone making motherboards shaped like Scarlett Johansson in a bikini? That would sell the pants off this guy right?

Tt eSports Challenger

How about a gaming keyboard that comes equipped with a fan to cool your sweaty gaming fingers? Should we be insulted by this? I’ve logged my fair share of hours gaming and I don’t think I’ve ever wished for a fan on my hands. Maybe I’m just not hard core enough? I don’t know, but sticking with the pc-parts as weapons strategy, Thermaltake produced this epic marketing video for this keyboard.

Astrogaming A40 Wireless Headset

When I’m gaming I usually enjoy the epic game soundtracks through a set of earbuds that cost about five bucks. If I were truly hard-core however, I’d put down $279.95 for a pair of Astrogaming A40 wireless headphones (and I’d probably consider it money well spent). These headphones are THE ONLY headphones with full backing by the MLG (Major League Gaming) Association, giving them as much legitimacy as Hot Pockets, the only food with full MLG backing.

Speaking of ridiculous gaming gear . . .

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