Monthly Archives: May 2011

Holy Mac! Apple Invokes Religious Fervor in Mac Devotees


The BBC Program, Secrets of the Superbrands, revealed (unsurprisingly) that devoted Mac users regard their hallowed product with the same conviction that others feel toward religion. The program studied Alex Brooks, the editor of World of Apple and self-proclaimed Apple-obsessor. A team of neuroscientists studied Brooks’ brain under MRI while subjecting him to a variety […]

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Picking a Processor, Part 3: CPU Technologies, Comparing Processors, Making the Choice

This is the final in a series if three articles on choosing the right processor for your desktop computer. Here we’ll touch on some important CPU technologies, how to compare two processors, and how much processor you really need. CPU Technologies As processor technologies improve, chip developers, like AMD and Intel, have developed a few […]

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Picking a Processor, Part 2: Motherboard Compatibility, Cache, and Manufacturing Process

This is the second part of a three part post on picking a processor for your desktop computer. Today we’ll be focusing on motherboard compatibility, cache, and manufacturing technology. Motherboard Compatibility Motherboards are pretty specific in which processors they can and cannot support, determined by several factors which are beyond the scope of this article. […]

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Apple Releases Sandy Bridge Powered iMacs

Benchmarks for Apple’s newest line of 27” iMac desktops hit the presses today, revealing a truly impressive system. Fueled by Intel’s newest Sandy Bridge processors and boasting the much-touted Thunderbolt data port, it no surprise that they’d be fantastic. PCWorld released benchmark results on the first of four pre-configured iMac models that became available in […]

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