My 3 Favorite FREE Games on the Web


This post is a shout out to my single favorite website: Armor Games. Armor Games houses, not the biggest, but the BEST collection of browser based flash games on the web, all of which are 100% free! Now, since it’s Monday, and I’m neither in the mood to work nor allowed to play, I’ve decided to marry the two and share with you guys my three favorite flash games.


This game was released last December and has since been played almost 10 million times since. The point of the game is super simple: throw a paper airplane as far as you can. As you fly you collect stars which you can exchange for upgrades that will allow you to fly further, get more stars, and more upgrades. Continue, and soon you’ll be tossing a rocket powered, elegantly engineered masterpiece into the stratosphere.

They actually let me embed this one right into the post!

Free Online Games brought to you by Armor Games

I played the crap out of this game until I unlocked every upgrade, I didn’t get all the achievements though—I’ll have to put it on my bucket list.


If you miss the old school Zelda games, Diablo, or have ever heard of The Secret of Mana, this is the flash game for you. Arcuz puts you in the role of itinerant adventurer in a land recently plagued by monster attacks which you, of course, must get to the bottom of. The graphics are on par with early Playstation titles, and the game play is super fun.

Here’s a video:

And a link:

Play Arcuz!

Dogfight 2

This one’s a side scrolling shooter where you pilot a WW I style bi-plane. The game sends you on several missions involving shooting down enemy planes, bombing targets, and protecting convoys. Aside from plain ol’ shooting, you can also pull off barrel rolls, loops, dives, and other sweet moves to confuse enemy planes. It’s mega hard though; I’ve spent many an hour on this title but never have finished it.

Here’s a video:

And a link:

Play Dog Fight 2

Armor Games has thousands of other games to choose from, these are only three of my favorites. What’s your favorite flash game? Share it in the comment below! Also check back on Wednesday for a post about how to choose a CPU.

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