Power Supplies, Navy Beans and the Snuggie


So check this out. This is a Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W power supply; it’s awesome. This power supply features modular cabling, 80+ Bronze Certification, vibration shock absorption pads and, not to mention, puts out a full thousand watts of power! Every time I look at this power supply I itch for it. I want to buy it. I can see myself carefully opening the box, slowly so I won’t tear it, sliding out the power supply and holding it my hands, hefting its weight, feeling the smooth paint and then . . . what? I don’t have any use whatsoever for a Cooler Master Silent Pro! I use a laptop for crying out loud!

I notice the same thing happening to me at Walmart. Do you ever feel like the shelves are pulling you towards them? I’ll walk in, only intending to pickup a gallon of milk, (which is, of course, purposefully positioned as far from the entrance as possible) and I have to make a conscience effort to stay in the middle of the aisle, at least an arm’s length from any shelf. Without precautions I’m sure I’d walk out with a fresh can of navy beans or a new knee brace.

So why is it that my highly developed human brain aches to spend my hard-earned money on things that (for me) would be completely useless? Is this some kind of evolutionary flaw? We’ve managed to program ourselves to walk upright, socialize, protect, nurture, create, and a million other things, yet I, a product of this evolution, can’t help but hover my cursor over the buy button every time something shiny catches my eye! Why is this? I’ll present two reasons and then let you tell me what you think:

Reason 1: Something about chemistry . . . yup. I think I remember reading somewhere that when we make a purchase we get some kind of endorphin rush, the same kind we get from hugs, horseys and butterflies. So purchasing random things is like a drug. I suppose I get kind of a rush from buying things.

Reason 2: A natural urge for improvement. Maybe I want a power supply I can’t use for the same reason that Alexander Flemming invented Penicillin or Scott Boilen invented the Snuggie, because we’re driven to improve the world around us—or at the very least to want more than we have. An urge which, if properly channeled, is probably a good thing, but is more often misspent on silly purchases we think will lead to improvement, but really won’t. (Maybe a more interesting question is, “why would we think it could help?”)

So what do you think? Why do we sometimes feel driven to spend? Or maybe I’m the only one! Post below and let me know!

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