Why Your Computer Sucks: It Just . . . well . . . Sucks


If you’ve tried everything else and you’re still frustrated with you computer, you may simply have to come to grips with the fact that your computer just plain sucks! As hardware technology improves, the software it uses must improve with it. So, if your computer’s getting up there in years, it simply may not have enough juice to run the programs you need. If this is where you stand you’ve got two choices: upgrade or replace.

Upgrading your Computer

While you may be understandably nervous at the thought of reaching into your computer’s innards and wiggling around in there, there are a few upgrades that can easily be done at home by folks with relatively low levels of tech knowledge. I won’t get into the actual how-to’s here, that will be for another post. For now you can find terrific tutorials on YouTube.

Upgrading your RAM

As far as upgrades go, this is likely to deliver the best bang for your buck. The only trick is finding the right memory for your system. Memory is relatively cheap and really is a surefire way to noticeably improve your system speed.

Adding or replacing a hard drive

This option won’t really improve the speed of your system but is super easy and will give you more total storage space. Most desktop PCs have multiple drive bays for installing hard drives and you’ll only have to pop it in and connect it to the motherboard. Hard drives come in two flavors for the most part, IDE and SATA, SATA being the newer of the two. If your computer is running Windows XP or later you’re probably safe purchasing a SATA hard drive.

If you’d rather replace a hard drive, if you’ve got a laptop for example, and you only have one hard drive port, you can use a process called “mirroring” or “cloning” to make a perfect copy of all your data onto a larger drive. The larger drive can then be swapped out, increasing your storage space without requiring a new install.

Replacing your Computer

If you’ve been hesitant to replace your computer, don’t be! Many of us remember the huge price tags we paid for the computers we’ve been holding on to for years, shivering when we remember what we paid. Computer prices are much more forgiving these days however, with only the best PC’s breaching the thousand dollar mark that used to be the minimum price for a decent computer. Click here to browse OutletPC’s selection of new, low-priced computers!

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