Why Your Computer Sucks: You’re Not Using Your Tools


The Internet is awash right now with loads of utility programs that promise a faster computer in no time flat. Many of these programs are harmless and can even help. However, as their popularity increases, many of the free utilities are becoming vehicles for spyware and viruses and the paid-for versions can be expensive. However, most people don’t realize that Windows already offers terrific tools for managing and optimizing your system. Here are a few tools you should be using to maintain your computer:

Disk Defragmenter

Imagine your computer as a file cabinet, with everything neatly organized and labeled. Over time and with use, the files begin to get out of order and the labels start to peel, making it more and more difficult to find what you’re looking for. The Disk Defragmenter tool reorganizes your computer’s files, making them easier to find. A defragmented system will be able to accomplish tasks more quickly than it would otherwise.

Disk Cleanup

This tool combs your hard drive for programs and files that can safely be removed in order to free disk space. Using this tool will help keep your system light and quick.

Backup and Restore Center

Windows offers an efficient backup utility that is able to automatically create a backup to a selected destination. This tool safeguards your system, supplying you with an easy means to recover from malware attacks or other system compromising occurrences.


As a caveat to what I mentioned before about the flood of virus laden or expensive system utilities, there is one that I can’t live without. CCleaner is a completely free program that was released in 2003 and has been highly dependable ever since. This program offers a superb disk cleaning tool which will also scrub your web browsers and certain other programs as well as regular system files. CCleaner is very lightweight, so it runs without tying up your system.

It also offers a powerful registry cleaning function. Your registry is like a large reference manual to which your operating system refers when it works to accomplish a specific task. Similar to the file cabinet metaphor I mentioned before, the registry can become clogged over time. Deleted programs, for example, may leave instructions in your registry which are no longer used, making it that much harder to navigate. CCleaner will quickly and reliably organize and clean your registry making your computer more efficient.

Click here to download CCleaner

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