One Fish, Two Fish, One Cable, Three Cables


Beloved readers, I have a tale to tell. It is a tale of promise, of aspirations, but also one of deception and anger. Once upon a time in Silicon Valley, a group of corporations was looking into the future…

Silicon Valley Map

Not pictured: silicon

As they peered into their corporate crystal balls, they saw a future full of handheld, pocket-sized gadgets with incredible potential. They saw smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and external hard drives. Everyone was connected in this future, with all of their vital digital information at their fingertips, and the people were quite happy. However, all was not perfect. These gadgets, the wonderful devices that everyone loved so much…their batteries did not last long. In fact, they hardly would last more than six hours if people used them consistently throughout the day.

The corporations’ leaders were frightened. “What will the people do if they can’t charge their gadgets on the go?” they wondered. “What good will the gadgets do if they can’t be used!?” To remedy their fears, each company decided to package USB charging cables with their devices. As the corporations went their separate ways, they agreed that each would do its best to implement a universal USB cable, eliminating the need to carry multiple cables around at all times. “Oh me, oh my, how very nice, a universal USB cable for every device!” However, one corporation thought itself to be better than all the rest, for its products were always in much higher demand from the public. They decided, “no, forget a universal USB cable, we must have our own unique USB charging cable. It makes more sense that way!”

Totally. Makes perfect sense.

The ideal of a universal USB cable for every device was dead. From that day forward, if users wished to use different platforms on a regular basis, they were forced to carry around multiple USB charging cables. Those cables, being string-like, would tangle in backpacks and messenger bags worldwide. Those iPhone and Android charging cables would be forgotten in coffee shops and libraries, airplanes and airports, or even accidentally left at home before trips. The convenience factor had been entirely eliminated. The people were furious.



Now, did that story scare you? Did you notice it didn’t have a happy ending (or really an ending at all)? At OutletPC, we know how important it is to have quality peripherals. In other words, we really love happy endings, especially when we can help write those endings by supplying great products. This USB charging cable conundrum posed a unique problem, though. We believe in a universal USB cable for every device. We’ve been having nightmares about this dilemma for months. We were helpless. However, our wonderful purchasing department found us, and thus you, a solution to this awful issue. Say hello to the (universal) Interchangeable Micro/Mini/iOS Convertible USB Charging Cable from Syba.

Someone's been reading our diaries...

It’s a single, universal USB cable for every device. This convertible USB charging cable has a three-piece head that layers a basic 30-pin Apple iPod-style USB charging cable connector that works with iPod, iPhone, and iPad, atop a MicroUSB charging cable connector (the current standard for Android and Windows Phone 7 devices as well as external hard drives, etc.), on top of a MiniUSB charging cable connector that is, admittedly, old-school but still totally useful. Each universal USB cable head flips back and stays attached, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of a bunch of tiny, pesky convertible USB cable tips. Even better, this convertible USB cable from Syba has a retractable length adjustment mechanism that can extend the convertible USB charging cable from its standard length of about six inches to a full twenty-eight inches! It’s your iPod sync cable, your phone USB charging cable, your tablet USB charging cable, and your data cable, all stacked into one universal USB cable that works with just about every device. Basically, it’s a cheerleader pyramid, but instead of cheerleaders, the pyramid is a convertible USB cable. Thus, it’s the coolest cheerleader pyramid you’ve ever seen in your life.

Pictured: a poorly-executed metaphor

You can pick up your very own Syba Combo Mini/Micro/iOS universal USB charging cable at It’s on sale for a limited time, so act soon! While you’re at it, stick around. Kick back, put your feet up. Stay for a while; we have a feeling you’ll probably find something you really like at a price you like even more.

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