1. ruben

    Hello, and thanks for your article. I am familiar with the paper clip test. However my latest test, on an HP s5000 slimline, turned the power supply fan, but only momentarily. About 3 seconds, and shuts off. I jostled the paper clip thinking it was a bad connection, but its consistent… only on for a couple of seconds. This is a no-load test. Power supply only. No motherboard connected etc. My guess is it may be to protect the PSU from burning out.

    Any thoughts?

    • Mike

      The power supply may have a minimum load requirement – so it comes up briefly. Then it senses no load and shuts down again to prevent damage to the power supply.

      Try hooking up a (external) case cooling fan (12 Volt) – that should give minimal load to keep the power supply happy and keep it on.

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