Don’t Not Shield Your Wires!


“Oh, these wires will be fine bare for the moment,” you say. “Oh, I just need to test these real quick.” Or even, “I need to make sure it works before I bother with the electrical tape!”

Perfectly Safe!




Splicing wires together is great. It means you can hook up things to other things they’re not normally designed to hook up to. You can make your own adapters and cable gender changers at home, save money on extension cables, or even do more unorthodox things like hook your computer case fan up to a battery.

But I’m telling you. Nay, begging you – wrap up the wires in electrical tape before you run anything even remotely resembling electricity through them.

I know what you’re thinking – that I’m about to tell you about some horrible electric shock I experienced, where the entirety of a computer power supply’s energy discharged directly into my most treasured organs. Well, to be honest, I would rather that have happened! I’m an organism, I’ll heal. You know what doesn’t heal? Fan controllers.

Pictured: Corpse

In my arrogance, I spliced together my own 4-pin molex power male to 3-pin fan power female adapters for a project – and since we didn’t have any electrical tape on hand, I decided to test them with the wires exposed.

They worked! That is, until in my carelessness, I allowed the two wires to cross, shorting the fan controller’s 3-pin connector. And I needed all three channels to work for this project, which, like my life, is now ruined.

Please. Heed my words. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


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