Video: How to Install RAM on a Desktop Computer


Hey guys! Welcome to OutletPC TV. Today we’re going to be talking about how to install RAM into a desktop computer. Now this motherboard is obviously taken out of the computer, but the process is exactly the same either way, so I’m just going to go ahead and do it like this.

When you look at your RAM slots, the first thing you’re gonna notice is that they’re two different colors. This is because the RAM we use nowadays is most often called “dual-channel” RAM, which means that two sticks of RAM are going to function as one cache of memory. On this board, there are four slots, so we have two sets of two sticks of RAM is what you’d install.

The RAM we’re using today is Corsair DDR3-1333, I have 8GB, so 2GB x4 Sticks in total. To install this all you have to do is look at your connection and you’ll find there’s a little break right there. That matches up pretty perfectly with this little break in the slot. Now all you have to do to install this is slide it into the slot, and them I’m just going to rock it back and forth until these two clasps snap into place. So we’ll just rock it a little bit until it’s snapped in. You’ll notice these two are now closed in, securing the RAM pretty tightly on the board. Now all I’m going to do is repeat the process. Snap, snap, that’s all it takes.

Now, since I’m using all of the slots on the motherboard, it doesn’t really matter which ones I use, like it would if I was only using two.

There we go, all four are secured with the clasps, they’re not gonna come out. And that’s how you install RAM on a desktop computer!

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