Video: Monmount LCD-194 Dual Monitor Stand – Review & Unboxing


Hey Guys! Welcome to OutletPC TV, today we’re going to be talking about the LCD-194B Dual Monitor Stand. This is our most popular mount. Let’s start out by unboxing it.

Alright, this is pretty well packaged, everything is individually wrapped in plastic wrap. Right here we have the instructions, this right here is the arms for the LCD screens. Here we have assemble hardware, next we have the mounting arm (should have said pole) itself. And finally, the desk clamp to secure it to your desk. So this everything unboxed, now we’ll go ahead and show you how to put it all together.

Okay, so the first step is going to be to attach the bracket to the arm of the Monmount LCD-1940. There’s three holes here, you choose the one you need to fit your table, some tables are skinnier, some tables are thicker. So you’ll have to judge yours. I’m going to be doing the second one to fit our needs here. So the threads are on this side, so you’ll just match this up to the hole, matching that right up, then you take the big fat silver screws. And that’s how it should look when it’s all finished.

Alright, step two is to attach the LCD-194 dual monitor mount to your desk. Now if your desk is too thin to hold this mount, a solution you might try is just getting a piece of wood that you can put here on the bottom to make it a little bit thicker. What holds this mount on is the pressure, so you just tighten these screws up until they’re nice and tight. You’ll want to be careful not to tighten it too much because if your desk is a soft wood, it could damage it a little bit. Now it’s on there pretty tight.

Alright, step 3 is going to be to fasten the mounting arm onto the screens. now you’ll note that these screens have screw holes in the back, these are called VESA mounting patterns. This one is 100mm x 100mm, so the distance between these holes is 100mm each. You’ll also see monitors that are 75mm each. But in order to install this mount at all, you’ll need to be sure to have these mounting holes. Most monitors have them, but it’s always a good idea to check. So all we need to do to get these on is just take our mounting bracket, and we’re going to match it up with the holes that are on our monitor. Alright, all we need to do is take a standard Philips head screwdriver and these little black screws, and then fasten your screen to the mount. Be sure when you’re doing this that you’re putting your screen onto something that isn’t going to scratch the other side of it. Alright, I got all my screws fastened and I can pick it up and you can see that these are pretty well on there.

Alright, the next step is to put your screens onto the pole. It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is slide it on there. Now you can raise or lower this to whatever height you want. For the best results you want to get the monitors right at eye-level. So you’ll pick that based on however tall you are or whatever your situations like. It just slides up and down like that. Once you’ve got it to the level you want all you have to do is tighten this up.

Alright, once you’ve got your mount all set up the next step is to adjust everything to your liking. First of all, you’ll notice these cable clips down here, these help with cable management. I haven’t used any cables here but you’d just route them like this, and then they can go right down the mount, which helps keep things pretty neat and clean. You’ll also notice, once you have your mount installed that the arms are kinda wobbly. They don’t really stay put. Each joint has it’s own little screw. Some of them are hidden behind these caps. Which keep it looking nice. Just take that off, you’ll notice that right now it’s pretty loose, but once I tighten this up it’ll be pretty tight.

Alright, now that our mount is all set up I’m going to show you a little bit of the motion that you can get from this mount. You’ll notice there are three separate joints, there’s a joint here, a joint here, and a joint here. And each one has a pretty good range of motion. So for this joint here we can go, move it like that. This joint again we can move it like this, all the way back. And then on this screen it goes up, down, and around. Ideally, you’ll obviously want to meet them up like this. But, since you have such a range of motion, you can accommodate quite a few screen sizes like this. And again, we could also be moving these up and down on the pole.

Alright guys, that does it for our product spotlight on the Monmount LCD-194B Monitor Mount. This is a really sturdy mount, it’s made with high quality materials, the price is really low. Stop by OutletPC and pick one up today.

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