OutletPC’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is coming up next Sunday, June 17th.

If you ask my dad what he thinks, he’d tell you that Father’s Day should come more than once a year. Dads go through a lot: some cook, some clean, most take care of their kids, a whole bunch of them have challenging jobs that take a lot out of them on a daily basis, and they get very little in recognition of all of that.

Some dads don’t deserve recognition because they don’t care much about their kids and instead devote themselves to fanatical political and religious ideals, leaving their newborn twins in the care of two individuals that he has got a personal vendetta against.

Luke...I am...a complete deadbeat

In recognition of the better dads, the ones who don’t cut their son’s hand off after leaving him to be raised on a planet made entirely of sand instead of hanging out with their son on a moon-sized space station (read: every kid’s freaking DREAM), we’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts for the dad in your life. Pick up one of these gifts, add a hug and possibly a card, and dad is bound to feel special this Father’s Day.


We have a bunch of cool trinkets and knick-knacks that dad might really love. We have a bunch of cool stuff like travel weather stations, kitchen supplies, and golf club cleaners, all cool and functional gifts that dad is sure to like.


Dads love their keychains. I swear, my dad’s keychain has so many keys and tools on it that I think he might be the groundskeeper of Hogwarts in his spare time. If your dad’s like mine and has a twenty-pound keychain, or if he’s a minimalist with only a couple keys, he’s going to love the LaCie iamaKey flash drive. This 8GB flash drive looks and feels just like a key, and sits on a keychain, blending in nicely with the other keys. Dad will love such a cool gift, and you’ll feel safe and confident knowing he’s always got some spare data space in his pocket. We also have a great selection of traditional flash drives, all at awesome prices.


Dads are walking repositories of memories and stories of your family’s past, and that makes them get a little bit reminiscent sometimes. Nothing helps jog those memories like a digital picture frame. This ViewSonic Digital Picture Frame can hold a handful of photos, but is also memory card-expandable to fit thousands of pictures, constantly flipping as a slideshow. Pick one up in advance of Father’s Day, load it up with all your dad’s favorite pictures from old photo albums, and put it back in the box. Your dad will really appreciate such a thoughtful and memorable gift, one that he can always look to when he feels like hopping in the wayback machine.


Dads always want to look as good as can be, so they’re always on the lookout for new products for personal grooming, and we have a cool variety of grooming products that dad is sure to love, including ones that are super portable for the dad that’s always on the go.


There is almost no better gift for dads this year than a web tablet. They do everything – play video, music, and games, surf the net, hook up to televisions, and they run all of your dad’s favorite apps. We have a great selection of tablets, but the pinnacle of our tablet stock is the Skytex SKYPAD Alpha 2 Web Tablet. It runs the brand-spanking-new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android (that is, Android 4.0), has an HDMI out port for playing video on dad’s television, and has a high-resolution screen with great battery life, making it the perfect tablet for your dad. I’m telling you, plainly–your dad will freaking love a tablet.


Considering that you’re not trained in the Force, and thus can’t read your dad’s mind, there’s a decent chance that you don’t know what to get him. Luckily, we sell gift cards of different denominations, so dad can choose the perfect gift for himself from OutletPC’s great selection of computer parts and accessories.

By the way…Tim Grover did a post about a month ago about great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, and a lot of those ideas are also great ideas for gifts for your dad. Check it out if you’re still stumped.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! If you have a great idea for a techie gift for dad, email us at askoutletpc@gmail.com and tell us about it!

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