ZuniDigital ZR301F USB Powered Mini Wireless Router


In stock now at OutletPC.com is the ever-popular ZuniDigital ZR301F compact portable router.  Why is this Zunidigital Wireless Router so popular?  Because it’s a technician / person-on-the-go’s dream come true.  A router this small that can double as a wireless range extender and operates either on AC or USB power…all at a great price!

Starting with its small, compact size – the Zr301F will literally fit in your pocket – you can hide it anywhere and it will not stick out like other routers do. And the Zunidigital mini router supports wireless N connectivity (backwards compatible with G and B if needed) with the added built-in wired ethernet port to plug in if you have to.  At just .2 lbs this is one of the lightest routers we have ever seen. And setup is a breeze (there’s even a handy quick setup sheet that comes with it) given the many options & settings that you can control.

What really sets the Zuni Digital ZR301F apart and makes it special is its low power draw and usb power function.  Imagine setting up a wireless router, wifi extender, or access point next to your laptop or desktop with just a USB cable to power it.  The possibilities are endless and not only limited to computer use.  The ZR301F is also a good, affordable way to bridge between an Xbox 360 and your wireless router.

All in all, this is a great value router and comes highly recommended.  Purchase the ZuniDigital ZR301F or shop all of our network routers & read our wireless router reviews.

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