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OutletPC’s Ultimate Back To School Guide, Part I: High School


For the freshest of freshmen or the most seasoned upperclassman, the first day of a new year of high school is always daunting. The short kid dreads it for he likely will end up in a trashcan. The captain of the football team is nervous about becoming a senior, and takes out his emotions by […]

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What is an SMA Connector?

SMA Male

The SMA connector is a coaxial/rf connector developed with a 1/4″-36 thread and commonly used in networking hardware as the connector interface between network devices and antennas. They are rated at 50 ohms and are commonly found on wireless routers, wireless network adapters, antenna plugs, etc. A lot of people looking for wifi antenna extensions or […]

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What is a Universal Power Adapter?

Universal Power Adapters

In the computer industry, a universal power adapter most often refers to a single power supply kit with various interchangeable tips and manual or automatic voltage/current settings that adapt the unit to work with many devices out there. For example, laptop manufacturers make laptop power adapters come in all shapes, sizes, and power ratings – so it […]

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Microsoft to Release Touch Version of Microsoft Office Suite — What next?


Anyone observing tech trends for the last decade knows that Microsoft has been excited about arriving to the party — even if they show up a bit late, they’re still adamantly excited.  From Windows 3.0 to the Zune to AdCenter, MSFT has worked diligently and unsuccessfully to copy their competitor’s devices and business models then out-do them […]

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