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If you’re thinking about starting an affiliate program or if you’ve already started one and want an affiliate landing page template for your website, we’ve got one for you below. In the example we’ve included language for Shareasale (our preferred affiliate host of choice) and used the company name ‘MYCOMPANYNAME’. It’s always a good idea to link off to some banners you have generated so that your affiliates can copy-paste the code to their blogs or websites quickly and easily:


Affiliate Program


MYCOMPANYNAME Affiliate Program


Generate easy money with the MYCOMPANYNAME Affiliate program! Hosted by, this program offers commission-based remuneration for every sale resulting from a click through from your website to ours! Share-A-Sale offers easy tracking and stats through their website and follows a strict “no software” policy which will keep you free from toolbars and adware. Best of all, it’s 100% free for you!


Getting setup is simple and fast! Just place a trackable link generated by on your site and you’ll be paid a percent commission on every click through that results in a sale—we handle the rest!


Visit for more information including commission rates and special offers.


Click Here To Sign Up For Our Affiliate Program


Get the MYCOMPANYNAME Banners here


Self-referred orders (orders made when an affiliate visits our site from a banner on their own page) will not be commissioned. Orders purchased with a coupon will also not be commissioned.

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