3 Easy Steps To Block Someone On Google+ Plus


If you’re just starting out using Google Plus or you signed up for an account previously and are getting an unusual number of emails from people you don’t even know, you’re being spammed. Who knows what Google was thinking when making it this easy to add a multitude of people you don’t know to circles for advertising purposes, but for now the only thing you can do is block them (or you could close your Google+ account).

To block them and report them to Google Plus follow these3 easy steps:

Step 1) Visit the person’s profile

StepĀ 2) Look on the right hand side and scroll past the person’s profile picture, # of friends in their circle, how many people have him/her in their circles, and you get to a series of hard to see links that Google doesn’t want you to see (because they are in light grey).

StepĀ 3) The first link is the ‘Block USERNAME’ link, where USERNAME is the person’s name. Click on that and you’ll get a popup allowing you to block the user. While you’re at it, report them as a spammer too.

How to block someone on Google Plus


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