Monthly Archives: July 2012

Free Sample Terms of Service Agreement


A terms of service page is necessary in a lot of ecommerce setups – especially when you want to establish certain rules, restrictions, and procedures that intend to be enacted upon purchase or use of your website. In a terms of service page you can specify various different clauses such as those related to payment […]

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Free Shipping Policy Template

Every ecommerce company that ships out product should have a shipping policies page. You’re going to want to make it clear to your customers what they are to expect as far as processing/handling times, delivery times, carriers you use, and anything else they should know about your shipping process. Below you’ll find an example template […]

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Free Sample Affiliate Welcome Template

If you’re thinking about starting an affiliate program or if you’ve already started one and want an affiliate landing page template for your website, we’ve got one for you below. In the example we’ve included language for Shareasale (our preferred affiliate host of choice) and used the company name ‘MYCOMPANYNAME’. It’s always a good idea […]

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How To Buy A Video Card


Choosing your PC’s video card can be difficult; some users don’t need much at all while some spend thousands on bleeding edge video technologies to push the limit. Below are a few factors to consider in choosing your PC’s video capabilities. Enough for Most People – In almost all cases computer video is processed through […]

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