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Tech News – August 29th, 2012 (Round-Up)


Here’s a round-up for some of the latest tech news: Sony released a slew of new products today, including 3 Xperia Phones, an Android tablet, and a hybrid tablet/laptop the Duo 11. Google is launching Google Plus for its enterprise Google Apps suite, while Facebook mistakenly released a mass layoff announcement to “friends” outside the […]

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How to go from DVI to VGA

DVI to VGA Adapter

The simple conversion from DVI to VGA with an analog source (either DVI-A or DVI-I) involves mapping the analog portion of the signal to the analog VGA interface. This process is done relatively inexpensively and adapters and/or cables are readily available for that purpose. Mapping DVI-D to VGA (DVI-Digital to Analog VGA) is much more […]

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OutletPC’s Ultimate Back to School Guide, Part II: College


Welcome to part two of our Ultimate Back to School Guide! On Monday, we talked about all the necessary Back-to-School stuff that every high-schooler should be equipped with on their journey into the new school year. But we’ve had enough of the kids’ stuff. That’s right, we’re grown-ups now. The real world is barreling towards […]

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