Monthly Archives: September 2012

HDMI Splitters and HDMI Switches


These days, everyone has multiple HDMI-capable devices but only one or two displays to use them with. Sometimes, the hassle of switching out different cables, different displays, and different devices with HDMI connections is too much for anyone to bother with. Luckily, there are different devices out there such as HDMI splitters, HDMI switches, and […]

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Lightning Port Connector – Making Sense of Apple’s New Port


In the 48 hours since Apple announced its new line of iPhones and iPods, much of the public’s reaction has been focused on the devices themselves. Does it matter that the iPhone 5 is longer and runs faster than its predecessor if it doesn’t contain an NFC chip, improved Bluetooth, or other key new technologies […]

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Android Game Review: Spirits

2012-09-12 10.04.15

Game: Spirits Platform: Android (Available via Google Play) Publisher: Spaces of Play Price: $2.99 A delightful and engaging little puzzler running towards the same ledge as Lemmings (in a good way), Spaces of Play’s Spirits is a winner. The earthy, Ghibli-esque art style is balanced by a light and airy sound track, making a relaxing […]

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Leaked video of the new iPhone 5!


Apple’s September 12th press conference, during which the company is expected to announce the next generation of the iPhone, may not be as full of surprises as CEO Tim Cook would like. Apparently, a renegade operative has smuggled a fully-constructed, mostly operational iPhone 5 unit out of the factory where the next generation of Apple’s […]

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