Leaked video of the new iPhone 5!


Apple’s September 12th press conference, during which the company is expected to announce the next generation of the iPhone, may not be as full of surprises as CEO Tim Cook would like.

Apparently, a renegade operative has smuggled a fully-constructed, mostly operational iPhone 5 unit out of the factory where the next generation of Apple’s revolutionary device is being made. The unit itself looks just like the mock-up designs leaked to the public previously, but never have we been able to see a totally constructed iPhone 5…until now.

The video below shows the device booting up and being physically compared to an iPhone 4S. As you can see, the body is longer, as is the screen, and it is thinner than its younger counterpart. All of this seems to jive with the information that has been made public thus far.

Check out the video below, and the full story, complete with pictures, at Gizmodo. Are you excited for the iPhone 5? Will it make you switch to Apple? Do you even think this is real? Let us know in the comments section below!


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