Android Game Review: Furdiburb – Beta

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Game: Furdiburb – Beta

Platform: Android (Available via Google Play)


Price: Free

There are a ton of games out there for our mobile devices. One of my favorite things about the vast mobile game library is finding the really strange and quirky, yet delightful, games that make you want to keep playing, if not just to find out what crazy thing will come up next. I’ve discovered such a game called Furdiburb – Beta. I downloaded it and have been playing it for a few weeks now. It’s called a beta in the description and title, so I’m hopeful for its future.

Furdiburb and the nightingale

Delightful vector-based artwork

Furdiburb – Beta is a quaint virtual pet game, kind of like a Tamagatchi except that it has vector graphics, runs on Android, and has several mini games that are actually engaging. The game starts out by discovering an alien life form that hatches from an egg, and then proceeds to have you care for this little guy until he grows up and is strong enough to return to his home planet, or until you forget about him and he gets sick and dies. Well, I haven’t actually killed mine yet, but I imagine that it’s possible. I haven’t found out cause I just don’t want my little Furdi-friend to die.

Furdi’s well being basically hinges on you bathing and feeding him. Bathing the little guy is great because it ends with you blow-drying him in a tornado. To feed him, you’ll need to grow and feed Furdi fruits, vegetables, and sushi. Apparently sushi grows on the vine wherever the developers are from.

There are many areas to explore, and to access them all you need to achieve certain goals by playing through the mini games. One example is a mini game that involves sliding Furdi left and right via the motion sensor to collect fireflies while dodging other bugs in order to charge a lightbulb that is needed to light up a dark cave that then opens up more activities.

Furdiburb – Beta is available as a free download on Google Play, and is full of all kinds of crazy quirkiness, like what appears to be a Jawa guarding a giant landbridge meandering into the background and the fact that Furdi’s waste product is gold. If those aren’t great selling points, I don’t know what is. Get it for yourself or for your kids.


Furdiburb and the Jawa



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