What does the speed of a DVD Drive Mean?


If you’ve ever wondered what the speed rating on a dvd burner meant, here’s the answer! DVD Drive speeds are commonly written in the form of a number followed by an X. The number is a representation of the transfer rate of the drive (how fast the drive can read data from a DVD). Standard transfer rates are 1.32MB/s (mega-bytes per second) for every X value. To find your drive’s transfer rate simply multiply its rating by the 1.32 MB/s factor. Some sample drive speeds are:

Single-speed (1x) 1.32
Double-speed (2x) 2.64
Ten-speed (10x) 13.2
Twelve-speed (12x) 15.84
Sixteen-speed (16x) 21.12
Twenty-Four-speed (24x) 31.68
Thirty-Two-speed (32x) 42.24

MB/s = Mega-Bytes per second
1X = 1.32 MB/s = 1351 KB/s

So to recap, take the number before the X as you rating speed to get your transfer rate in MB/S:

NUMBER x 1.32 (MB/s)

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