What was the BTX form factor?


If you’re wondering what the BTX form factor is and what the advantages of BTX were – you’ve come to the right place! The BTX Form Factor (Balanced Technology Extended) was a standardized layout for the next generation (at the time) of motherboards and computers. The form factor featured a flexible design built around the needs of newer systems with an emphasis on airflow and size. BTX was specifically designed to make use of newer interfaces such as PCI Express and SATA (Serial ATA) and a new thermal module design was intended to keep system temperatures down by increasing the flow of air through the case. BTX was developed by Intel and was designed to replace ATX motherboards. BTX was spec’d out to come in different sizes much like the ATX units have: BTX, micro BTX, nano BTX, and pico BTX.

Unfortunately, adoption of the BTX form factor never took footing and the form factor has been phased out entirely.

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