Google now worth more than Microsoft!


In an incredible (and inevitable) shift in the technology market, today marks the first time that Google’s market capitalization has grown past Microsoft‘s. A lot of factors have gone into Google becoming one of the premier technology companies we have ever seen, but this milestone is definitely a “biggie” for them as Microsoft was always the behemoth they measured themselves against.

The future for Google looks bright and full of risk & innovation – Google glass is upcoming and reviews are mixed on how industry changing that will be. And Microsoft is re-inventing itself as well. We’ll see which company holds this title going forward and which can grow at a faster clip. Obviously with Google’s Android the sky has been the limit – but don’t count Microsoft out just yet. Windows 8 was tagged an initial flop but sales of their operating system software have been better than expected. They only can go up in the tablet/smartphone industry and the PC market is expected to rebound at least a bit.

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