Intel’s ARM killer: Silvermont


Intel Silvermont (notice it’s not Silvermount, but Silvermont!) is here and signals Intel’s entry into mobile. While the world collectively says ‘it’s about time’, it’s important to understand that even though Intel is new to the mobile game, their technology is years ahead of all the major competitors. This includes ARM.

Intel’s already bragging that their Silvermont processors offer up to 3x the speed of any chip out on the market OR up to 5x the power efficiency. Because Intel is manufacturing on the 22nm process and using tri-gate transistors, these types of efficiencies are now achievable and Intel is going to be the first to market with them. Silvermont processors have been released for mobile phones, tablets, & other devices and will work their way into ultrabooks and some data-center devices in the future. Who knows, they may use some of the architecture or principles in low power desktop processor designs in the future as well.

This is definitely a bold move by Intel into the mobile market and represents a huge growth area for them.

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