How to choose a video card?


Choosing the right PCIE Video Card depends a lot on what you want to do with your computer. If you are just using your PC for desktop computing, Internet browsing, and the like, then using your motherboard’s on-board graphics should be enough. If you plan on running multiple monitors or doing any PC gaming, however, you should select a graphics card. Most graphics cards support multiple monitor outputs, so getting a cheap video card just for that won’t set you back much, while PC gaming has higher requirements served by a high end graphics card.

High end gaming graphics cards tend to be more expensive, but they make the biggest difference when it comes to high end gaming performance. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a graphics card; a low end graphics card which will handle light gaming and video applications typically costs under $100, but a graphics card for gaming will run you $100 to $200, with a high end graphics card capable of running the latest games on high settings costing $200 or more.

Most graphics cards today use DVI and HDMI output. Graphics cards that allow for more than two monitors usually have DisplayPort outputs. Most monitors don’t support DisplayPort natively; if you plan to run a multi-monitor set-up, you may need to get one or more DisplayPort adapters or Mini DisplayPort adapters.

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