Blogs with Dofollow Comments?


You’ll see a lot of people searching for new blogs that allow dofollow comments as part of their link building strategy. What does this mean exactly?

Essentially when it comes down to link building there are two types out there – dofollow or nofollow. By default, all links are followed or ‘dofollow’ unless otherwise ‘nofollowed’. What that means is that if you don’t see the mention of a nofollow, the link is followed. These links tell the search engines whether or not to count the backlink and pass ‘link juice’ through to the resultant page. Some blog owners choose to ‘nofollow’ all of the links in their comments sections to avoid other webmasters from trying to post comments on their posts just for the purpose of backlink building. So when looking for blogs with dofollow comments many people are looking for the types of blogs that can pass through link juice to their sites.

For your reference, links on the OutletPC blog are followed as we encourage our readers to post relevant links to good pages related to our articles. I should say, at least for now 🙂

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