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What is a CD-RW Drive


A CD-RW is used for reading CDs, writing to CD-Rs, and writing and/or re-writing to CD-RW discs. A CDRW will allow you to create your own music or data CDs when used in conjunction with CD Burning software. CDRW’s cannot read from DVD Discs nor can they play DVD movies.

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What is single link and dual link DVI

What’s the difference between Single Data-Link and Dual Data-Link DVI? A Single-Link (also known as a Single Data-Link) cable uses a single transmitter to send information across. A Dual-Link (or Dual Data-Link) DVI cable uses two transmitters and can relay a great deal more information and data across the wire (almost twice as much). This […]

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What is HDMI?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a high quality connectivity interface used for video and audio transmissions.  Unlike other standards, HDMI cables carry video, audio, data, and control signals – making it an all-in-one solution for HDTV, DVD, and other compatible sources.  Data transmissions on HDMI are uncompressed and all-digital to ensure minimal loss and/or […]

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What is a chipset

A chipset is the collection of ICs (integrated circuits) or simply ‘chips’ on a motherboard that control how the hardware interacts with different components. The chipset is responsible for controlling how information flows through your computer flow of information on your computer and determines critical interactions such as that between memory, cache, drives, input devices, […]

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Who are some of the best power supply manufacturers?

A-Top A1 Electronics AGI AOpen ATNG Achme Allied Amaquest American Media Systems Antec Apollo Astec Austin Channel Well Technology Codegen Deep Electronics Deer Delta Electronics, Inc. Dynapower USA Emacs Enermax Enhance Electronics Enlight Corp. FSP Group Fortron/Source HEC HIPRO High Power Huntkey In-Win/Powerman Jou Jye KeyMouse Electronics L&C Power Leadman Electronic Leadyear Lite-On Electronics Macron […]

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What is 7pin SVideo

What is 7-pin S-Video? 7-pin S-Video is the non-standard format of S-Video delivery found commonly on Laptops and some computer video cards (especially those manufactured by ATI). Four of the seven pins found on non-standard S-Video devices are dedicated to carrying the normal S-Video signals. The purpose of other three pins can vary from manufacturer […]

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