What harm can a damaged PSU cause


What are the potential effects of a damaged Power Supply?

A dead or otherwise unworking power supply unit must be replaced or repaired. Without power your devices will not ‘Turn ON’ so you will experience complete downtime on the system until corrected. Beyond that, a dead or ‘burned out’ power supply can also cause damage to other components connected to your system. For this reason and others, it is never recommended to test a questionable power supply by simply plugging it into a system. Doing so can cause irreversible damage to your components and won’t tell you for certain whether or not the PSU is functioning properly. Testing should always be performed with a power supply tester (such as this ATX Power Supply Tester). The process is as simple as plugging the unit in and waiting for the tester to output the values, but if you don’t have a tester you will need to acquire one.

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