The Benefits of a Mobile Workforce


Factors to Consider
We can help get your business moving in more ways than one!
Did you know:*
• 89 of the top 100 companies in the US offer telecommuting
• 58% of companies consider themselves a virtual workplace
• 67% of all workers use mobile and wireless computing
*Insight Research – The Mobile Workforce and Enterprise Application 2007-2012
Improved Quality of Life – less time spent in stressful traffic situations means
happier, healthier employees.
Global Benefits – less wear and tear on cars, roads and less consumption of fuel.
Increased Productivity – get more out of a limited number of hours in the day
because there is no time spent commuting.
Financial Benefits – reduced cost for office equipment, real estate and infrastructure
plus reduced energy consumption.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s get a move on!
Wireless Services – stay connected and productive during travel or off site with clients.
Mobile Devices – with the right devices, your business information will be accessible
wherever you are, right in the palm of your hands!
Security – gain peace of mind knowing that as you and your employees travel, your data
will be safeguarded from hackers and intruders.

Let’s talk about BYOD
• Save money on high-priced devices that you would normally have
to purchase for your employees.
• Take advantage of newer technology – faster.
• Attract top employees, who want to work flexibly and put in time
outside of traditional work hours.
Have you heard of Bring Your Own Device to work? BYOD is the perfect starting
point for businesses that are not yet ready to go completely mobile or businesses that enable employees to be mobile within the company – and it can benefit
nearly every industry. The best part is, the technology needed to implement a
mobile workforce is the same technology needed to support BYOD. Essentially,
you are investing in two business strategies for the price of one!

Did you know:*
81% of employed adults use at least one personally
owned electronic device for business use. *Harris Interactive survey
Whether you are ready to take your business on the road or learn
more about how you save money with BYOD, We CaN heLP!
Benefits to your business!

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