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What is AMD’s HyperTransport Technology?


What is HyperTransport Technology? HyperTransport (HT), formerly known as Lightning Data Transport (LDT), is a bidirectional serial/parallel high-bandwidth, low-latency computer bus that was introduced on April 2, 2001 [1]. The HyperTransport Technology Consortium is in charge of promoting and developing HyperTransport technology. The technology is used by AMD and Transmeta in x86 processors, PMC-Sierra, Broadcom, […]

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What is a U-DIMM

The acronym UDIMM stands for Unregistered Dual In-Line Memory Module. U-DIMM (also called Non-ECC, Unregistered) sticks don’t have an additional error checking function and, as a result, are generally a bit faster than Registered (ECC) memory. Unregistered memory is commonly found in desktops and laptops. Registered memory is more often found in server environments.

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