Monthly Archives: May 2014

Overclocking guide


Overclocking You may have heard about overclocking recently as it has become a fairly popular practice. In part this due to the great overclocking success of the C300a over two years ago. Overclocking is achieved by running your CPU higher than it’s specified clock speed. This is done by modifying the CPU multiplier and/or the […]

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Condensation Prevention

While water is a great way to cool your computer, overclockers are always looking for new ways to cool their processors. The natural progression is to move towards Peltier/Thermoelectric, or Phase Change Coolers. Both of these technologies have been around for years and offer the ability to cool your processor to below ambient temperatures. Phase […]

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Why is my hard drive displaying a slightly less than expected capacity ?

Question: Why is my drive displaying a slightly less than expected capacity in Windows or Mac? Answer: Determining drive capacity can be confusing at times because of the different measurement standards that are often used. When dealing with Windows and Mac based systems, you will commonly see both decimal measurements and binary measurements of a […]

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