Computer Backup and Recovery Why? and How?


When talking about backing up a hard drive and data recovery methods, the first thing that pops into mind for most are companies or businesses with servers. Although this it is essential for businesses to have a backup and recovery system for their data, the same can be also said for the average user. With the PC as an essential part of our personal and professional lives, the data can that is stored within our hard drives are as priceless to most. Anything from photos, music and videos to your files such as resumes, reports, and so on are stored on your hard drive. Loosing these files to data corruption or hardware is very frustrating, especially, when we have no means of recovering them.

It is established that the importance of hard drive backup is to protect valuable data or files from things such as accidental deletion, hardware failure, data corruption and even natural disasters. As with any tasks regarding your computer, each should be planned accordingly. There are a few things you need to find out in order to formulate a sound plan for your backup and recovery plan. First is the type of data you want to backup. If you have the resources, you can very well have a backup for each and every file in your system; however, if you are limited to only a portion of your stored files then the ones that are important should be the priority. Next that you need to consider is the method you are going to use for backing up your hard drive. There are lots methods to choose from; one is to save your backup with optical disks such as CDs and DVDs. Another method is with a use of USB thumb drives and external hard drives. The most convenient option would be to setup an online backup service. The frequency of having to do a backup for your hard drive also needs to be considered.

When you already have a good backup system, the next thing that you need is a way to retrieve those files that you have backed up when the need arises, this is where a data recovery system comes in. Recovering your data is done by various methods but mainly depends on how you were able to back up your data originally. For data stored in optical disks, external hard drives and thumb drives, data recovery is simple; you just connect your backup device to your computer and retrieve the files needed. In addition, software can be installed to help facilitate retrieval of data from your backup devices. For online backups, it’s as simple as using the software provided to retrieve the data stored online.

Among the solutions offered for backup and retrieval of data, the most cost effective and secure way is to use an online backup service, you can easily schedule the frequency of an update, what files to update and have an easy access to retrieving your data. The only downside to this solution is that it may hog your internet resources when doing backup and retrieval.

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