Choose the Right Anti-virus Software for your PC


With the world becoming increasingly connected to the internet, the threat to one’s PC is has also increased. Not only is the threat imminent to huge corporations and institutions, the same can be said to the average Joe/Jane who’s quietly surfing the net behind his/her laptop. The list is long for the potential threat these viruses and malware can cause to a user, anything from files or software corruption to identity theft and credit card fraud. Although there are a lot of security threats out there on the internet the anti-virus software makers are also stepping up their game in combating and protecting you from such threats. There are a lot of anti-virus programs to choose from which offer different solutions for your protection, to help you choose the one that’s right for you, here are a few.

The software maker Norton is considered to be number one in its offerings for protection on your PC. Currently it has three products in its arsenal to help protect your PC. The first one is Norton Antivirus 2012 with Antispyware, the program offers protection from viruses, malware, spyware and other threats without giving to much strain on your PC’s resources. Regular updates also ensure that your PC is protected from the latest threats and aside from onboard PC protection; you also have access to technical support through email, chat or by phone. Second in the line of protection is Norton Internet Security 2012 which has the same features as the first offering but with the added features of parental controls and identity protection. The last is Norton 360 which has all the features of the first two products plus a backup and restore feature with 2 GB’s of online backup and PC Tune up utilities.

Same as Norton, McAfee also has three products to offer protection for your PC. The first is McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 which includes a slew of features like antivirus and malware, two-way firewall, digital data shredder, PC Tune-up, USB drive scanner, pre-install scan and anti-bot protection. The second product which is the McAfee Internet Security offers anti-spam, online usage report, parental controls and an online backup program. The third product which is the McAfee Total Protection has WLAN protection, anti-phishing software, safe URL sharing and URL shortening. All of the products have 24/7 support but only the last two can be installed to protect a maximum of 3 PCs while the first is a 1-license version.

Trend Micro offers similar solutions as that of Norton with its three products. To start they have the Titanium Antivirus+ with virus, worms, Trojans and malware protection and it includes a customizable look for the program interface. Second in line is its Titanium Internet Security that includes all the features from the first product, plus beefed up by parental controls, PC Tune-up utilities and data theft protection. The last solution on offer is Titanium Maximum Security which offers a hefty 10 GB of online backup, extended protection to include your smartphone or tablet and even social networking security for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Mixi.

Kaspersky has perhaps the most products on offer and has specialized solutions for tablets, smartphones, password management, internet security and antivirus protection. Furthermore, it has products classified for home use and business use so in terms of getting what you really need, Kaspersky has done that by giving you a lot of options to choose from individually; you might want to get internet security but not tablet or smartphone protection.

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