Computer Recycling & Disposal Tips


In this day and age, the evolution of technology is pretty fast and most of our computers, specifically our desktops are rarely utilized or simply need an upgrade. A big chunk of pollution percentage comes from our industrial wastes. Old gadgets, both defective and outdated belong to these industrial pollutants. The need to raise awareness in proper disposal is really important due to the harmful effects of the toxic levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other elements contained by our computers. People usually do not have any idea what do with these items. Most of the time, these computers will end up in the attic or a storage room collecting dust and becoming obsolete. The truth is there are a lot of responsible ways we can dispose of electronic waste, particularly our computers. So, what can you do?

Here are five easy ways to dispose of your computers:

1. Donate It! – There are several companies that are dedicated in consumer education and who are committed with helping their communities to find programs where they can donate electronic products especially computer hardware. A lot of environmental groups or non-government organizations promote e-cycling and would like to acquire donated or recycled hardware. Since not every computer part is obsolete, that means something useless to you is not necessarily useless to other people. Various donation programs will refurbish computers into working order and then give it to people who need it or use it as a starter machine. Public libraries are also great places to donate since their budget is not mainly focused on technology upgrade. Schools in rural areas that do not have the funds to afford a personal computer will appreciate these types of donations as well. It will definitely help enhance the education one of our most important resources, our youth.

2. Resell It! – If you can still find value in your old computers, you can count it as an asset. There is a huge reselling market on the internet that could help you dispose your computers. Try selling or parting them out on EBay or Craigslist. EBay has a program called the “Rethink Initiative” that provides an easier way to deal with your used electronic equipment. If you do not know how to post your items, ask someone who can help you navigate the site. The good news is that you can find a local trading assistant who can make the selling process easier for you because they will be the one to handle it.

3. Recycle It! – And of course, there are also items that cannot be reused and are particularly hard to deal with, like your used CDs and ink cartridges. Find a recycling program in your local area. There will surely be a number of consumers that are interested in purchasing used products. Try looking for collection sites by zip code over the internet for companies that could help you recycle your computers, especially your portable rechargeable batteries.  A lot of us do not focus much attention to it, but we most certainly have them on our laptop computers.  If you cannot find any collection sites, try contacting your electronics’ manufacturers or retailers? They have various approaches to offer you.  Some places even offer Trade-In for gift cards or just give it away for free! There is OutletPC’s E-cycling Program where you can drop off your computers, consumer electronics, and other electronic wastes from computers, down to the printers and monitors.

4. Re-create It! – This is most applicable to people who are passionate about creating innovative art designs from raw or recyclable materials. Your computer monitor case could be cleaned and painted to become plant boxes, bookshelves, pet houses, or as storage box for kids’ toys. The other parts such as the keyboard, mouse, and so on, could be something else too– just be imaginative and creative.

5. Keep it! – Sometimes, you will come across children or adults who are looking to become more tech-savvy or knowledgeable about computers and electronic. The older parts are very good places to start and develop their knowledge in terms of self-study or discovery. They can tear your used computers and rebuild or reinvent something. However, if your computer is just old but is still functional, you can also give it to them as a gadget that they could play it. With all these options that you can choose from, there is no reason for us to have our used or old computers remain useless in the storage or be thrown away in the garbage. There is always a right way in disposing these items. Taking care of our environment is our responsibility. Maximizing our options by using these five easy ways to dispose your computers is a great way to start.


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