Preinstalled Software Removal for New PCs


If you have a new PC and you did not build it from scratch, chances are you might have a lot of pre-installed software that you might want to get rid of. Preinstalled software may not be necessarily bad for your PC as some are diagnostic tools and drivers required by your PC to run properly but for the most part most of these are trial versions of programs. When the trial period of these programs expires, they can be a source of annoyance since they tend to have pop-ups that remind you to register or purchase the program. In severe cases, the preinstalled software can cause the system to run slower because they use the resources of your PC even if you do not use the program.

There are two ways to remove preinstalled software from your new PC, and it is quite easy with a few simple steps. The first one is by manually uninstalling each program from your system. Depending on which OS the steps may differ. For Windows XP users, you need to access the Control Panel window by going through Start, then Settings, and then Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, look for the Add/Remove Program icon, then double click to open the list of programs installed in your PC. From here you select the program you want uninstalled and then click the uninstall button. For more recent versions of the Windows OS such as Vista and Windows 7, you need to go to Start and then to Control Panel. From the control panel window, you go into Uninstall a Program. The same procedure follows which is to select a program you want uninstalled then clicking the uninstall button. You can also try to locate the folder of the program which usually contains an uninstall icon. All you do is double click the icon to uninstall the program. With manually removing preinstalled software, you must be careful not to uninstall required components of your PC system and with this method it is common that you are only allowed to uninstall one program one at a time.

The second option you have to remove preinstalled software from your new PC is to install a software removal tool and use that to remove the preinstalled software. These tools are very useful since they do things automatically and with a lot more control over the process. These tools have the same basic functions for removing preinstalled software. After you have installed the program simply run it and you will be shown a list of programs that you can uninstall. All you have to do is select from the list all the programs you want uninstalled and then hit the uninstall button. Then, all the programs you selected will be uninstalled. Additional options for these programs can include deep uninstall which deletes even the registry entries of a preinstalled software, the ability to suggest programs you can uninstall and even the aid of online suggestion from other users about a particular software and whether to uninstall that software.

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