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What Is A Diode And What Does It Do?


All about Diodes, LEDs and the Laser Diode The fundamental theory behind diode operation can be expressed by way of the diode current-voltage relationship: Id = Is( e ^ (Vd/nVt) – 1 ) From this equation we can see that with a large enough forward voltage applied, the diode begins to conduct with magnitude according […]

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Step-by-Step Guide to Silicon Wafer Fabrication (With Pictures)


Semiconductor fabrication can be a very time-consuming and complicated procedure. This article takes you step by step on how to fabrication a silicon wafer. Beginning with a blank wafer (silicon wafer) the steps required to apply a mask and fabricate devices involve microscopes, photolithography equipment, etching stations, developer, etc. Extensive testing must also be done […]

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What does VMware do?

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VMware essentially allows a single computer to run multiple “virtual machines” (the VM in VMware) simultaneously. Each virtual machine could then run its own operating system with its own applications and software – all from that one single computer. VMware’s software can thus run on a server and essentially share all the hardware resources of […]

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What Is The Peltier Effect / What Is The Seebeck Effect…


Two fundamental principles in the relationship between heat and electricity are the Peltier and Seebeck effects. Both relate temperature to voltage intensity and current direction and have been essential in many cooling / heating applications. This is especially true in high cooling environments such as refrigeration units, advanced computer system cooling, and cooling for high-powered […]

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What is Overclocking?


What Is Overclocking… The most frequently referenced measurement used to characterize a processor’s speed and performance (whether correctly or incorrectly) has always been its operating frequency or clock-speed. Operating frequency values for computers are traditionally measured in units of Hertz and represent the number of cycles of operation per second of time. Since modern-day processors […]

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LCD Monitor Cleaning Information…


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Monitors have long replaced CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitors as the predominant video output devices for desktop computers and laptops. These thin, flat-panel display appliances offer convenience and space efficiency at a very reasonable cost, making the LCD monitor desirable for both the manufacturer and consumer. This guide provides information on […]

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