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Tech News – August 29th, 2012 (Round-Up)

Here’s a round-up for some of the latest tech news: Sony released a slew of new products today, including 3 Xperia Phones, an Android tablet, and a hybrid tablet/laptop the Duo 11. Google is launching Google Plus for its enterprise Google Apps suite, while Facebook mistakenly released a mass layoff announcement to “friends” outside the […]

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Microsoft to Release Touch Version of Microsoft Office Suite — What next?

Anyone observing tech trends for the last decade knows that Microsoft has been excited about arriving to the party — even if they show up a bit late, they’re still adamantly excited.  From Windows 3.0 to the Zune to AdCenter, MSFT has worked diligently and unsuccessfully to copy their competitor’s devices and business models then out-do them […]

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Google Releases Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” with “Google Now”

Google announced at the Google I/O 2012 conference the release of Android 4.1. Code named “Jelly Bean” this release features a new app called “Google Now.” The new feature appears to be Google’s one of many responses to Apple’s Siri voice recognition feature, though the official video posted below reveals that Google will include geo-location data […]

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