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Tablet or Battlestation? Which one is right for you?


If you’re looking to send a quick email or stuck in a waiting room, a tablet PC can be your best friend, but if you’re looking to do more advanced activities, you may need something a little bit more robust like a Battlestation PC. In the past few years, computer manufacturers have seen a huge […]

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OutletPC’s most anticipated video games of 2013!


2012 was an amazing year for video games. With additions to popular franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Borderlands, groundbreaking new titles like Dishonored and Journey, and cool indie newcomers like Spelunky, it will take quite the effort for 2013 to put together a game roster that compares to the great games we saw in […]

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OutletPC’s interview with Bill Owen of MNPCTech!


OutletPC had the opportunity to talk to Bill Owen, Owner of Bill and MNPCTech customize and mod computer cases for businesses and individuals, built with Bill’s expertise as well as his own personal twist and style. Bill has built cases modeled after the popular Joss Whedon show Firefly, Doctor Who, Medal of Honor, Star Trek, […]

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Android Game Review: Furdiburb – Beta

Furdiburb's home

Game: Furdiburb – Beta Platform: Android (Available via Google Play) Publisher: Price: Free There are a ton of games out there for our mobile devices. One of my favorite things about the vast mobile game library is finding the really strange and quirky, yet delightful, games that make you want to keep playing, if […]

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Android Game Review: Spirits

2012-09-12 10.04.15

Game: Spirits Platform: Android (Available via Google Play) Publisher: Spaces of Play Price: $2.99 A delightful and engaging little puzzler running towards the same ledge as Lemmings (in a good way), Spaces of Play’s Spirits is a winner. The earthy, Ghibli-esque art style is balanced by a light and airy sound track, making a relaxing […]

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Where the new MacBook Pro falls short


It’s really easy to get excited about the new MacBook Pro. It’s got those sweet new Ivy Bridge processors, it’s adopting solid-state drives lightyears before most other computer manufacturers will, and loooooooooordy is it thin. Despite all that, however, Apple seems to have once again given us a product that is an absolute game-changer, but […]

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Why the new MacBook Pro is the best laptop ever made


Last Tuesday at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference, after introducing a large number of highly anticipated upgrades to the MacBook Air and Macbook Pro, Apple trotted out what may be the pinnacle of Apple engineering and design. The new MacBook Pro confirmed hundreds of rumors about what the next stage of Apple’s laptop line would resemble. […]

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