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Intel’s RealSense Technology


RealSense technology is the next logical evolution for the PC, changing the way people interact with their computers. So, what does RealSense offer? Cutting edge technology like gesture control, depth-sensing capabilities and 3D motion capture. Then there’s the RealSense camera, True Key facial authentication (so accurate it can tell twins apart!), and advanced voice recognition.

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What is computer science?

Computer science is an often confused technological field that encompasses so many things – therefore making it hard to narrowly define or characterize it. Computer scientists have played integral roles in all modern technological devices and functions from driving a car to doing laundry, making phone calls, shopping, and more. Computer science has revolutionized almost […]

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Intel’s ARM killer: Silvermont


Intel Silvermont (notice it’s not Silvermount, but Silvermont!) is here and signals Intel’s entry into mobile. While the world collectively says ‘it’s about time’, it’s important to understand that even though Intel is new to the mobile game, their technology is years ahead of all the major competitors. This includes ARM. Intel’s already bragging that […]

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Intel’s Haswell Features being leaked: Ultra Low Power Consumption


According to a press release by Enermax, your power supply may or may not be able to support one of the upcoming Haswell’s lower power consumption features: the advanced power consumption C6/C7 modes Intel is touting. According to Intel, while in these ‘power conservation’ modes your processor will draw as little as .05 Amps. To […]

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Is lightscribe technology dead?


If you’ve been paying attention to the DVDRW drive market recently you may have noticed one thing standing out – there are almost no DVD burners available with lightscribe technology anymore. You may say that lightscribe technology is being made obsolete. Granted, lightscribe was never really a universally adopted technology and while people were interested […]

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