Is lightscribe technology dead?


If you’ve been paying attention to the DVDRW drive market recently you may have noticed one thing standing out – there are almost no DVD burners available with lightscribe technology anymore. You may say that lightscribe technology is being made obsolete. Granted, lightscribe was never really a universally adopted technology and while people were interested … [Read more…]

What is Moore’s Law


We’ve all heard of it – but what does Moore’s law really mean? Back in 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that every 18 months the number of transistors in a CPU would double, and the cost of production would fall in half. Moore’s law has generally held even up to today’s modern-day semiconductor market (such as … [Read more…]

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Aerocool Shark fans Resurface at OutletPC


  OutletPC is excited to announce the new line of Aerocool products that just came in! The brand is best known for their 15-blade Aerocool Shark computer case fan. The shark fin-like fan blades give them that edgy look that PC mod enthusiasts love to sport on their customer computer cases. Having the most number … [Read more…]