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What is a wireless hard drive?


A wireless hard drive (or also commonly known as a Wifi hard drive) is much like any other type of external hard drive with the added bonus of being able


What is Moore’s Law

We’ve all heard of it – but what does Moore’s law really mean? Back in 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that every 18 months the number of transistors in a CPU


You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Aerocool Shark fans Resurface at OutletPC

  OutletPC is excited to announce the new line of Aerocool products that just came in! The brand is best known for their 15-blade Aerocool Shark computer case fan. The


7 reasons to stay with Windows 7

Since the release of Windows 8 in October, there has been a heated discussion between professional and amateur users alike over whether or not it makes sense to upgrade from


OutletPC’s most anticipated video games of 2013!

2012 was an amazing year for video games. With additions to popular franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Borderlands, groundbreaking new titles like Dishonored and Journey, and cool indie newcomers


OutletPC’s Interview with Scott Ellison II of Saving Content!

At OutletPC, there are two things we hate more than anything else: bad video games, and paying too much for them. Sometimes, we just need someone we trust to let


OutletPC’s interview with Bill Owen of MNPCTech!

OutletPC had the opportunity to talk to Bill Owen, Owner of¬† Bill and MNPCTech customize and mod computer cases for businesses and individuals, built with Bill’s expertise as well as


USB vs. Thunderbolt: In Defense of USB

Most people know that there’s a fancy little plug referred to as “USB” that is able to do magical things like transfer data and power from a computer to their

Furdiburb's home

Android Game Review: Furdiburb – Beta

Game: Furdiburb – Beta Platform: Android (Available via Google Play) Publisher: Price: Free There are a ton of games out there for our mobile devices. One of my favorite


Corsair has acquired Raptor Gaming!

Corsair, a trusted name in the PC peripherals market, has acquired Raptor Gaming, a German gaming peripheral manufacturer. Here at OutletPC, we love Corsair products as well as Raptor Gaming