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Asus QVL Memory List

Asus’s Qualified Vendor List (Memory) Download the PDF : DDR3 1333 Qualified Vendors List (QVL) AMD AE32G1339U1-U 2GB SS AMD 23EY4587MB3H11503M 9-9-9-24 1.5V AMD AE34G1339U2-U 4GB DS AMD 23EY4587MB3H11503M 9-9-9-24 1.5V Silicon Power SP002GBLTU133V02 2GB SS S-POWER 20YT3NG-1202 Silicon Power SP004GBLTU133V02 4GB DS S-POWER 20YT3NG-1201 ASint SLZ302G08-EDJ1C 2GB SS Asint SLZ302G08-DJ1C ASint SLA302G08-EDJ1C 4GB DS […]

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Online fraud – who loses?

Through successful marketing tactics and a general lack of proper knowledge fully embedded within our culture, the larger credit card companies have tackled any consumer concerns when it comes to liability in situations of fraud and identity theft.  Virtually every new credit card application, offer, or advertisement boasts the authorizing provider’s card security and fraud-proof […]

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eBay First

An excerpt from an eBay seller book…   I started in the liquidation business in 1990. I was a component level test technician for DSC Communications in Plano, TX. I worked for low hourly wages, had just gotten married and had a new baby girl. Trying to make ends meet on my paycheck was really almost […]

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